Action Committee for Environmental Sustainability (ACES)


The National PTA has a position statement on environmental health, remediation, sustainability and climate change which is very comprehensive. Parent Green Team, now renamed, the “Action Committee for Environmental Sustainability (ACES)”, will work toward realizing the goals in the above national position statement in our community. Read our articles and follow us on FaceBook.


Our Mission:

To work with local students, their families, PTAs, MISD, and community organizations to support policies, practices and initiatives that create a more sustainable future for our children and actively work toward creating a more livable planet through education, action, collaboration and student empowerment.


Get Involved:

Do you have passion for educating and empowering our K-12 students to live more sustainably in the face of climate change?

We need your help! Whether it’s supporting our students’ wishes to protest, advocating for better climate change education, or creating impactful K-12 events to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we need parents to get involved in big and small ways.

Contact Tanya Aggar, Chair of ACES, or Nancy Weil and Suzanne Riley, MISD Green Schools Co-Chairs to get involved!


Click here for ACES Articles

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