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PTA Council rewards outstanding volunteers, educators, or committees for their creativity, innovation, dedication, and amazing work for our school communities. Let’s show our volunteers and educators how much we appreciate them!


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Past Awards Recipients


Golden Acorn

A Golden Acorn Award is presented, by a local PTA unit or council, to a volunteer in recognition of his/her dedication and service to children and youth. It is to recognize volunteer service “above and beyond” a particular job description. Since the beginning of this program, more than 44,000 Golden Acorns have been presented to volunteers throughout Washington State. A contribution in the name of the recipient(s) is made by the honoring PTA to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program. From these contributions, WSPTA is able to provide grants to freshman students entering post-secondary education.


1984 Dr. Craig Currie
1985 Ruth Hansing
1987 Chris Haaland
1988 Alanna Burdell
Ginnie DeForest
1989 Mary Ann Hansen
Kathy Oaklief
1990 Terry Ackley
Linda Summers
1991 Mary Margaret Welch
Judy Witmer
1992 Brenda Paull
Terry Pottmeyer
1994 Tami Szerlip
1996 Terry Pottmeyer
Frank Morrison
1998 Debbie Dowd
1999 Beth Larson Loken
2000 Roger Page
2002 Mary Jo Bruckner
Penny Yantis
2003 Cheryl Frizzel
Carol Siebert
2004 Jenny Selby
2006 Lori Brennan
Ralph Allen
Janet Frohnmayer
2007 Judy Chase
2008 Toby Suhm
Carol Danielson
2009 Kathy Reitinger
Mary Kay Woolston
2010 Anne Emmanuels
2011 Jennifer McLellan
2012 Beth Picardo
Toby Suhm
2013 Jackie Brown
Marnie MacDiarmid
2014 Ivy Suzuki-Jaecks
Susan Empey
Suzanne Riley
2015 Pat Braman
2016 Karla Olson
2017 Amy Sagerson
2018 Debbie Hanson
2019 Anne Hritzay
2020 Stephanie Kornblum
2021 Jennifer Selby, Kristy Sieckhaus
2022 Debbie Burke, Amy Richter
2023 Carol Kuo



Outstanding Educator

Created by the WSPTA to recognize individuals who go beyond the normal expectations of their jobs to make the learning environment fun, beneficial and challenging. A contribution is made in their name to the WSPTA Scholarship Program.


2001 Judith Murdock
John Cameron
2003 Nancy Emerson
2005 David Bentley
2007 Thelma Ritchie
2008 Parker Bixby
2009 Jan Sayers
2010 David Segadeli
2011 Mark Headlee
2012 Susan Hamp
2013 Kathy Morrison
2014 Donna Johnston
2015 Gail Calvo
2016 Jan Vetter
2017 Ryan Lane
2018 Tom Cox
Vickie White-Miltun
2019 Carol Krell
2020 Angela McCann
2021 Mary Jo Budzius/Aaron Miller
Chris Cocklin-Ray
2022 Joe Bryant, MIHS
David Hoffman, Island Park
2023 David Baxter, West Mercer
Heather McLyman, Lakeridge



Outstanding Advocate
Established by the WSPTA to recognize and honor individuals for their advocacy work on behalf of children and youth. A contribution is made in their name to the WSPTA Scholarship Program.


2006 Pat Braman
2007 Dorothy Swartz
2008 Stowe Sprague
2009 Bruce Bassett
2010 Aleta Finnila
2011 Judy Chase
2012 Dr. Nancy Loorem
2013 Pat Turner
2014 Ralph Jorgenson
2015 Rev. Wayve Perryman
2017 Alison Stovall
2018 Nancy Weil
2019 Gwen Loosmore
Gun Violence Prevention Subcommittee
2020 Cynthia Goodwin
2021 Karla Rimmer, Kyle McKenna/Nick Wold
2022 Donna Colossi, Tanya Aggar
2023 Jennifer Flood



Children’s Advocate
Established to recognize individuals or programs that go above and beyond the scope of their job or expectations to serve Mercer Island students.


2005 Autism Spectrum Committee
2007 Health/Wellness Committee
2010 Art Munoz
2013 Bill Harris
2014 Fred Rundle
Jennifer Wright
2015 Pat Braman
Janet Frohnmayer
Brian Emanuels
2016 Social Emotional Mental Health Counseling Team
2017 Dean MackGary Plano
2018 Derek Franklin
2019 Michael Neff
2020 Andreeves Ronser, Director of Information Technology, MI School District
2021 Carol Bus
2022 MISD Nurses
MIYFS School-Based Counselors
2023 Kelly John-Lewis, MIHS
Special Services and Learning Differences Committee



Outstanding Service
The Outstanding Service Award is presented to a volunteer who works for children and youth beyond the bounds of a job, PTA, or a specific school community. This honor goes to a person who has shown concern for all children and who has volunteered his/her time to help them achieve their potential. A contribution in the name of the recipient is made to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program.


1982 Linda Friend
1983 Flossie McNally
1984 Sara Coit
1985 Judy Gropp
1986 Judy Ginn
1987 Terry Moreman
1988 Linda Weathers
1989 Susan Kaplan
1990 Kathy Merchant
1991 Cynthia Petria
1992 Suzanne Erickson
Sharon Peabody
1993 Terry Pttmeyer
1994 Beth Boylan
1995 Jan Seetin
Diane Tomita
1996 Tami Szerlip
1997 Barbara Shepard
1998 Judy Slepvan
Linda Todd
2000 Lance Davenport
2003 Mike Ziara
Eugene Ferguson
2004 Myra Lupton
2006 Terri Caditz
Joan Hibbs
2007 Ken Glass

Terry Pottmeyer
Frank Morrison

2010 Gary Plano
Nannette Bassett
2011 Penny Yantis
2012 Andy Anderson
2013 Becky Shaddle
MI Boys & Girls Club
2014 Betsy O’Connell
2015 Tani Lindquist
2016 Cindy Goetzmann
2017 Kathy Middleton
2018 Jennifer Wright
2019 Libby Wotipka
2020 Paulette Denman
2021 Michelle Ritter
Tammy Heydon
2022 Kathy McDonald
Lori Cohen-Sandford
2023 Angela Bahng
Sophy Yang



Outstanding Program
Honors a program designed and implemented to serve the school community or community at large.


2004 Parent Ed Committee (Parent Edge)
2005 PTA Reflections – Carol Goetschel
2009 Island Park Recess Program
2010 Bridge the Gap Task Force
2011 Mercer Island School District Green Team
2012 PTA Editors
2013 PTA Reflections – Ivy Suzuki-Jaecks
2015 MI PTA Communications Team
2016 MISD Academic Counseling Departments
2018 Lakeridge K-Kids Club
2019 PTA Reflections – Jocelyn Barber & Sharon Brown
2020 Tony Kuhn, MI School District Facilities Department and MI High School International Entrepreneurship Class
2021 MISD Instructional Coaches
2022 Unified Sports
Parent Edge
2023 Destination Imagination



MI Community Partner
The Mercer Island PTA Council created the Community Partner award to recognize a local Island business or organization that goes above and beyond standard expectations to help and facilitate local units, that helps build a cooperative relationship between students, schools, and community.


2004 Island Books
Sahara Pizza
2005 Washington Mutual
2007 Farmer’s Insurance
MI Recycling Center
2008 MI Pediatric Associates
2009 MI Boys and Girls Club
2010 Kurt & Leslie Dammeier
2011 MI Education Association
2012 Committee for MI Public Schools
2013 MI Youth & Family Services
2014 Youth Theater Northwest
2015 MISD Bus Education Prog.
2016 Island Books
2017 MIYFS Communities That Care/Healthy Youth
2018 MI Police Department
MI Public Library – Carrie Bowman
2019 Pagliacci Pizza
2020 Mercer Island Youth and Family Services
2021 Island Books
2022 MI Martial Arts
2023 Mercer Island Preschool Association



Honorary Life Membership
The purpose of the Honorary Life Membership is to recognize an individual who has contributed significantly to a PTA at the local unit, council, or state level. This award can be given by a PTA unit, council, or region.


2005 Tammi Szerlip
2007 Barb Shephard
2008 Nancy Schaps
2009 Terri Caditz
2010 Leslie Ferrell
2011 Annie Zilz
2012 Sue Bennett
2014 Mary Kay Woolston
2015 Toby Suhm, Diane Johnson
2016 Jayme Witman
2019 Debbie Hanson
Jennifer McLellan
2020 Jackie Brown
2021 Julie Ogata Ciobanu
Ivy Suzuki-Jaeks

Stephanie Parmenter


Elizabeth Evans
Suzanne Riley

Mercer Island PTAs


MI Community Scholarship Program

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