PTA Elected Board Member Training

All elected board members must take yearly Washington State PTA-approved training. At least one elected board member from each unit must take PTA & The Law. In order to best serve PTA Leaders, Washington State PTA offers all Region Conferences and PTA and the Law free of charge.


PTA & the Law is a vital training for your entire board and school principal. PTA & the Law deals with state & federal rules and regulations for running a charitable, tax-exempt nonprofit corporation in Washington State and will explain how these rules can and do affect your PTA.


Fulfilling the Training Requirement

WHY the emphasis on training? As board members, it is our fiduciary responsibility to manage the corporation in the best interest of its members as a whole. To run programs and handle budgets responsibly, knowledge of the applicable state and federal regulations is key to operate your non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable corporation.


Training is what helps to give our local units credibility. A well-trained and informed board should be a great selling point to encourage the community to join a local unit. Trained board members should be proud of stepping up to the responsibility in their local unit.


During the 2011 WSPTA Convention, the delegates approved a training bylaw because of how important training is to the success of local units and councils. If you hold an elected position voted on by the general membership in your local unit, this bylaw requires that you attend training.


Training Flyer – Fulfilling the Training Bylaw Requirement


Training Provided on Mercer Island

Mercer Island PTA Council provides an annual training for all Executive Committee Members in June in a location on Mercer Island. Stay tuned for details.

Mercer Island PTAs


MI Community Scholarship Program

Our ability to honor deserving MIHS seniors depends on the generosity of our community. Learn more about the scholarship program and how your contribution can make a difference. We appreciate donations of any amount. Thank you for your support!

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