School E-Newsletter


Each School PTA has an E-Newsletter that is distributed to student families either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.


E-Newsletter Submission Deadlines:


School PTA Submission Deadline Submit   Published
Mercer Island High School
Every Friday Weekly; Sunday @ 4pm
Islander Middle School Last Wednesday of each month Monthly; Sunday @ 6am
Island Park Elementary Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday Biweekly; Sunday @ 5pm
Lakeridge Elementary Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday Biweekly; Sunday @ 6pm
Northwood Elementary Last weekend of each month Monthly; Sunday @ 10am
West Mercer Elementary Every 1st and 3rd Thursday Bimonthly; Sunday midday


Article Submission Requirements:

  • Articles should be brief and factual. Summaries should be no longer than 4 sentences and/or should be comprised of bulleted points.
  • Must contain Headline, Date, Time, Location, Price (if applicable) and where to go for more information.
  • Links to your website are strongly preferred to PDF flyers, forms or applications.
  • Images should be in .jpg or .png format and less than 350KB. Perferrable size is 300 px. Note: Images are not usually included in IMS or MIHS newsletters.


Article Inclusion Priorities:

  1. School/PTA/Principal submissions
  2. PTA Council/MI School District submissions
  3. PTA/School contracted vendor submissions
  4. Mercer Island community organizations – events and activities that are of interest to school community.
  5. Outside community organizations – at editor discretion. Inclusion of article is a free community service at this time.


At this time, we do not have advertising or sponsorship programs. Donations are gladly accepted at each school PTA/PTSA.