Special Services & Learning Differences Committee (SSALD)

SSALD Purpose and Mission

The purpose of this committee is to Advocate for the advancement of the academic and social-emotional education of students with different abilities and learning differences; ensuring every student is able to reach their full potential.

The Committee of Special Services and Learning Differences (SSALD) will:

  • Provide support, information, resources, and education for parents regarding services, policies, and procedures for children with learning differences and abilities.
  • Facilitate a self-sustaining community of families of students with learning differences and abilities, including caregivers, educators, and other professionals.
  • Strengthen partnerships between district administration, staff, and parents to maximize the awareness of essential approaches and issues specific to educating students with learning differences and abilities.
  • Working to facilitate educational opportunities to raise awareness about learning differences and encourage inclusion among students.
  • Join with other advocacy organizations and families in promoting the improvement of system wide changes benefiting all students in Mercer Island schools and across Washington.
  • Assure the protection of the civil rights of students who receive special services and have learning differences and abilities. 

Parents of children in the district with an IEP, 504, or those just beginning the journey towards an IEP or 504, are invited to join this committee. 


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Please email co-chairs, Jennifer and Jessi, at ssald@miptacouncil.org for more information.


SSALD Coffee Meet-Up @ South End Starbucks


Our first coffee is Friday, September 15@10am


Every month we will meet on the 1st Friday of the month @ 9:30am


October 6th

November 3rd

December 1st

January 5th

February 2nd

March 1st

April 5th

May 3rd

June 7th



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