PTA Reflections Awards 2021-2022 


The theme for the 2021-2022 Reflections competition was “I Will Change the World  By….”   A panel of judges evaluated student entries across six different categories:  Visual Arts, Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Photography and Music Composition.


Congratulations to all the students who entered, and especially to the following students who won their respective division and whose entries were forwarded to the Reflections Washington state competition.


1st place award winners from the MISD’s Reflections competition will move on to the Washington
state competition. Finalists in the state competition were announced in March. The list of state
finalists HERE.


Washington state PTA finalists who receive an “Outstanding Interpretation” award will advance to
the National PTA Reflections competition. Finalists for the national round will be announced in May.


High school


Alana Yang: The Theory of Success and Happiness Chloe Yang: One Note at a Time


Student Name Category Title of Entry
Ashwin Krishnaswamy Literature Perserverance
Alana Yang Visual Arts The Theory of Success and Happiness
Chloe Yang Photography One Note at a Time
Ryan His Music Composition To Hope is to Heal
Sasha Nelson Film Production  Communication Innovation
Sasha Nelson Dance Choreography Stepping Out





Aadyaa Singal: Change Within Evie Pyeun: Helping Hands


Student Name Category Title of Entry
Madeline Rosales Literature The Series of Incidents on Boardwalk
Evie Pyeun Visual Arts Helping Hands
Aadyaa Singal Photography  Change Within
Chloe Long Music Composition Music & I



GRADE 3-5 

Marcy Chen: Home Fiona Stone: Windy Day


Student Name Category Title of Entry
Adrian Chan Literature The Kind Bird
Marcy Chen Visual Art  Home
Fiona Stone Photography Windy Day
Pranit Pradeepkumar Music Composition Muse of Creation
Emelyn Colyer Film Production  Making a World a Happier Place
Isabelle Loiselle Dance Choreography Being Brave




Talia Mezistrano: In the Autumn Sleeves Elloise Spohm: The World of Kindness


Student Name Category Tile of Entry
Olyve Ackley Literature I will Change the World: An Essay
Elloise Spohm Visual Art  The World of Kindness
Talia Mezistrano Photography  In the Autumn Sleeves
Vivian Luo Music Composition Magic Bird Lovela
Pacey Vannatter Dance Choreography I Can Change the World by Meeting New People


A huge thank you to all the Reflections Chairs - Michele Agosti, Lily Huang, Luo Bei, Ojas Suley, Tiffin Goodin, and Kim Doucette - who did a fantastic job collecting entries, organizing the art work, publicizing the competition and assisting with Reflections this year.

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