Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Thursday, September 29, 2022

7:00 - 9:00 PM

Mercer Island High School



RACE TO NOWHERE is a close-up look at the pressures on today's students, offering an intimate view of lives packed with activities, leaving little room for down-time or family time.


Parents today are expected to raise high-achieving children, who are good at everything: academics, sports, the arts, community-service. The film tackles the tragic side of our often achievement-obsessed culture, with interviews that explore the hidden world of over-burdened schedules, student suicide, academic cheating, young people who have checked out.


RACE TO NOWHERE asks the question: Are the young people of today prepared to step fully and productively into their future? We hear from students who feel they are being pushed to the brink, educators who worry students aren't learning anything substantive, and college professors and business leaders, concerned their incoming employees lack the skills needed to succeed in the business world: passion, creativity, and internal motivation.



The pressure in our community is REAL. 


Watch this CBS Sunday Morning segment on "Helping students cope with the pressure to succeed" featuring Mercer Island students.  (August 2021)





Join us for the film screening followed by a panel discussion.  The discussion will be moderated by Bill Radke, MI parent and KUOW radio host.  Panelists include:

  • Dr. Fred Rundle, MISD Superintendent
  • Lisa Deen, MIHS Associate Principal
  • Dr. Elizabeth Evans, Mercer Island pediatrician 
  • Chris Harnish, MIYFS school-based counselor at MIHS
  • Tracy Samuels, Mercer Island parent
  • MIHS Students, Grace Go and Sidh Schroff

We look forward to starting a community conversation on this topic to discuss solutions and explore how we can best support our youth.



Free event.  This program is appropriate for all adults and students in middle/high school.  Film is rated PG-13.




Stream the"Race to Nowhere" Film HERE

Use password:  RTN_Mercer_Sept_2022 


Available to stream until October 6, 2022.


Video is also available to rent on Amazon and Apple TV+