Through the "I Wish..." Project, Mercer Island students shared things they wish their parents, teachers and peers knew.  Now it is time for us to really listen to what our kids have to say and learn ways we can better support them.


Each week we will share a new topic along with practical tips to improve your parenting skills.


The responses featured on this web page are from MIHS students, grades 9-12.  


Visit the "I Wish" web page to learn more about this project and to view responses from other grade levels.


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Listen to the voices of our students through the "I Wish" Project.

During the Fall of 2021, Mercer Island elementary, middle and high school students were invited to share thoughts and feelings they wish their parents, teachers, and peers knew.  









Next week's topic:  Social Connection





Next week's topic:  Connect and Support




Next week's topic:  Mental Well-Being




Next week's topic:  Independence


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