The goal of the "I Wish..." project is to center the voices of Mercer Island youth.  Students in elementary, middle and high school were invited to anonymously respond to guided prompts and share things they wish parents, teachers and their peers knew. 




About the Project


Students at MIHS, IMS and some 4th and 5th graders at the MI Elementary Schools were provided the opportunity to provide anonymous responses to various prompts via a Google Form. 



Prompts included:

  • "I wish my parents knew..."
  • "I wish my teachers knew..."
  • "I wish my peers knew..."
  • “My number one wish for teachers to make things better for student learning is…”

  • “My number one wish for parents to make things better for supporting students is…”

  • "Reflecting on the last year, something I have learned about myself is...”

  • "Reflecting on the last year, something I learned about the way I learn best is…”

  • "Reflecting on the last year, with my normal activities paused and a new model for school, something I learned about myself is...”




The numbers:

  • MIHS - 411 students responded and provided over 900 separate comments
  • IMS - 322 students responded and provided over 700 separate comments
  • Elementary - 104 students responded and provided over 200 separate comments



How the information is being shared:



  • MI Parent Edge shared the student "I Wish" responses and summary of themes with the MISD administration and educators at each school level. 
  • MI Parent Edge and two KMIH 88.9 The Bridge students presented the information to MIHS educators in March 2022. 
  • Educators are encouraged them to engage in a dialogue with their students about the information the students shared and to think about ways they might reduce the pressure and best support their students.



  • Dr. Fred Rundle shared the response with the Superintendent's Student Advisory Committee and engaged in a discussion about the project.
  • IMS and MIHS will be displaying student responses from the "I wish my peers knew..." prompt in the school hallways.  The intention is for students to talk about what their are experiencing and to realize they are not alone.



  • Student responses and resources for parents are shared on this website and via regular emails being sent to all MISD families from MI Parent Edge
  • KMIH 88.9 The Bridge radio station is broadcasting spots with the students responses to the community.


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