Listen to the student voices from the "I Wish..." Project 

that were recorded and produced by MIHS students at KMIH The Bridge radio. 






Click on a prompt below to hear the
Mercer Island High School student voices
recorded and produced students at KMIH 88.9 The Bridge.















Click on the prompt below to hear the 
Islander Middle School student voices.






Let's start a conversation around the pressures our kids are facing


Here are some tips for talking with your child about what they are experiencing:


  1. Watch the “I Wish…” video and/or listen to the recordings with your tween or teen.

  2. Use these prompts to get the conversation started:
    • Here’s how I felt/what I thought watching the video and it inspired me to ask you a few questions—is that okay?
      • How are the comments in the video similar or different with how you are feeling? 
      • What are some things you wish that I, as your parent, knew?
      • What do you wish your teachers or peers knew?
  3. Important reminders for the conversation:
    • Be present and engaged – your child is being vulnerable in sharing these feelings. This includes being ready to share your own feelings/thoughts using “I statements:”

                       I feel _____       When_____        I need _____

    • LISTEN first.  Try “active listening” that involves restating what you heard your child say just to be sure you understand.

    • Don’t try to downplay your child’s struggles or suggest “it isn’t really that bad.”

    • Validate your child’s feelings and model that it is okay not to know what to do.
      “Wow, it sounds like school can be overwhelming.  I don’t really even know what to say, but I’m glad you told me.”

    • Invite your child to problem solve with you. 
      “You’ve said that school and your activities keep you really busy.  Would you like us to work together to come up with a plan for how we might be able to reduce some of the pressure?” 


Want to learn more tips for supporting your students?  




Please share your thoughts and feedback on the "I Wish..." project by emailing 





Parent Edge would like to extend a huge thank you to KMIH The Bridge students and staff for bringing this project to life with student voices.  We appreciate the partnership and especially thank Natalie Woods and Joe Bryant for supporting and guiding the students on the project.   -  The Parent Edge Team


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