Youth Suicide Prevention
for Parents



Did you miss this program?  

Check out a recording of the program and additional resources:


  • Watch a recording of the training program: LEARN® Saves Lives Suicide Prevention Training for Parents/Caregivers presented by the University of Washington Forefront Team
    • Read instructions for watching the recording using YouTube auto-translate closed captions in a variety of other languages.

    • 如果你要观看带有中文字幕(繁体或简体)的视频,请点击链接参考说明步骤。如果您对视频翻译或着视频项目有任何反馈意见和想法,请发送电子邮件至

  • View the Parent Participant Packet on the LEARN model to use with the program recording.

  • View more resources to support Youth Suicide Prevention.

  • Read this powerful article about the value of talking with your teen if you are concerned.

  • Add these phone numbers and resources to your mobile phone so that you can easily access if needed:



















As always, our MIYFS school-based counselors are available for support:

  • Northwood, Laura Falsgraf, (206) 275-5841
  • Island Park, Joy Cain, (206) 230-6284
  • Lakeridge, Julie Mattson, (206) 230-6019
  • West Mercer, Anna Orton, (206) 236-3438
  • IMS, Harry Brown (206) 230-6154
  • MIHS, Chris Harnish (206) 236-3363
  • MIHS, Caleb Visser (206) 236-3290


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If you would like to attend a program, we will be offering another
Youth Suicide Prevention for Parents program on April 26, 2023.  
Find more information HERE




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