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The Mercer Island PTA Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee is comprised of parent and student volunteers who share a commitment to our mission of dismantling institutional racism and other structural inequities in the district by fostering and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion with a focus on respect and acceptance of all families so that every student can reach their full potential.


The DE&I Committee is led by co-VPs Angela Bahng and Kimberly Miyazawa Frank, parents of two and three children in the district. Along with the VPs of the Advocacy, Communications, and Programs Committees and the Council’s Executive Committee (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary), they form the MI PTA Council’s Board of Directors.


The DE&I Committee is comprised of volunteers who serve in the following roles:

  • Andrey Vaganov & Allie Fallis, Webmasters  - Develop and maintain an online resource that is easily accessed by Committee members and is informative and current for the community.

  • Emma Spohn, Elementary Schools Coordinator - Create economies of scale in DEI for the four Mercer Island elementary schools, increasing the DEI opportunities for all elementary school students in the district.

  • Cristina Martinez & Kiernan Fly, Community Engagement Coordinators, - Strengthen the DEI knowledge, awareness, and potential for advocacy by the community through DEI-related special events and education.

  • Eunyoung Kim, Affinity Groups Coordinator - Establish and lead the Affinity Groups Program, supporting each group’s goals of relationship building for psychological safety, resource sharing, and advocacy; and collectively enhancing the experience and feeling of belonging for underrepresented groups on Mercer Island. An affinity group of Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders has been formed.

  • Melissa Danielli, Special Services Committee Liaison - Ensure full integration and support of the newly formed Special Services and Learning Differences (SSALD) Sub-Committee as part of the DEI Committee.

  • TBD, Secretary – Documentation and communication of the Committee’s decisions and next steps as decided upon in the monthly meetings. 

Each MI School is also represented by a DEI liaison to the DEI Committee, as follows:

  • Cathy Chen, Northwood Elementary
  • Cristina Martinez, Island Park Elementary
  • Vacancy, Lakeridge Elementary
  • Vivian Zhou, West Mercer Elementary
  • Vacancy, Islander Middle School
  • Julie Ogata, Mercer Island High School


To join the DEI Committee or volunteer to help, please reach out to diversity@miptacouncil.org or

to Angela Bahng: angela.bahng@gmail.com or to Kimberly Miyazawa Frank: kimberlymiyazawafrank@gmail.com.

DE&I Mission 

To serve as a resource to unit PTAs, families, and community partners within Mercer Island and to advocate for the health, well-being, inclusion, and education of every child.

Upcoming Events

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DE&I Spotlight

MISD Elementary Mandarin Outreach Event

Please join us on Thursday, February 10, 7:00 – 8:00 pm for our first Mercer Island Elementary Schools Mandarin Outreach Event! All parents and families from Northwood, Lakeridge, Island Park, and West Mercer are welcome for this important information session. 

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