DE&I Statement 

The Mercer Island PTA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee was formed in 2021 with a mission that reflects the PTA’s commitment to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion in the district with a focus on respect and acceptance of all families, so that every student can reach their full potential.


Our community reflects a blend of different ethnic groups, cultures, languages and family traditions. The demographics of Mercer Island continue to change and evolve. With such diverse populations in our schools, there are multiple ways that parents and families can be involved. That is why it is imperative that our PTA and its efforts reflect the diversity and the variety of interests of the families of our community.


Our PTA recognizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are about more than gender and race or ethnicity. Our diversity, comprised of the many identities we each possess – such as gender, learning style, language(s) spoken, physical ability, socio-economic status, religion, and other life experiences – contribute to the uniqueness of each of us as individuals, and together, the richness of our community.


Much like our country, Mercer Island School District is becoming increasingly diverse by ethnicity and often this ethnic/racial diversity is one of the identities that is least understood or embraced in a community.


Preparing our students to effectively interact with people who are different than them is a 21st-century skill – one that will serve them well post-high school, whether they attend college, enter the workforce or pursue other passions.


In a call-out box for emphasis:


The definitions of diversity, equity, and inclusion often vary depending on the context in which the terms are used, our mission suggests the following applications:

  • Diversity – the policies and practices of welcoming and valuing people with identities, characteristics, or experiences that are different from people in the majority.
  • Equity – the policies and practice of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people with identities, characteristics, or experiences that are different from people in the majority.
  • Inclusion – the policies and practice of meaningfully involving people who may otherwise be excluded or marginalized because of their diversity and/or the lack of equity.

It is important to note that the three terms can be used independently, but they are most often used together because they build on each other. Using the terms together underscores those diversity efforts, without equitable policies/practices and intentional inclusion, often fall short of an organization’s intent.


The following simple metaphor may help in better understanding these terms, the way they build on each other, and the three together create inclusion: 

  • Diversity – everyone is invited to the dance
  • Equity – everyone is asked to dance
  • Inclusion – everyone has the opportunity to select the music for the dance, or perhaps provide input that a picnic would be preferred over a dance

(might be nice to find pictures or graphics for this metaphor)


2021-2022 Key Initiatives

  • DE&I Advocacy, especially as led by students
  • Community education and support for DE&I
  • Committee education and development in DE&I 


DE&I Mission 

To serve as a resource to unit PTAs, families, and community partners within Mercer Island and to advocate for the health, well-being, inclusion, and education of every child.

Upcoming Events

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DE&I Spotlight

MISD Elementary Mandarin Outreach Event

Please join us on Thursday, February 10, 7:00 – 8:00 pm for our first Mercer Island Elementary Schools Mandarin Outreach Event! All parents and families from Northwood, Lakeridge, Island Park, and West Mercer are welcome for this important information session. 

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