1. Nice White Parents
    "We know American public schools do not guarantee each child an equal education. Two decades of school reform initiatives have not changed that... Most reforms focused on who schools were failing: Black and brown kids. But what about who the schools are serving? In this five-part series, she turns her attention to what is arguably the most powerful force in our schools: White parents."

  2. Seeing White
    "Just what is going on with white people? Police shootings of unarmed African Americans. Acts of domestic terrorism by white supremacists. The renewed embrace of raw, undisguised white-identity politics. Unending racial inequity in schools, housing, criminal justice, and hiring. Some of this feels new, but in truth, it’s an old story."

  3. Integrated Schools
    "We encourage integrating parents to practice 'followership' rather than leadership, by listening to families of color about the needs of our schools and the children who already attend them, and by working to build community and relationships, rather than trying to get these schools to conform to our idea of 'good.'"

  4. Code Switch Episodes for Kids
    Code Switch is a multi-racial, multi-generational team of journalists fascinated by the overlapping themes of race, ethnicity, and culture. Here is a curated list of kid-friendly Code Switch episodes.

  5. Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
    "The Podcast is a fairy tale audio adventure about extraordinary real-life women throughout history. Based on the bestselling book series, episodes are narrated by renowned innovators, creators, leaders, and champions of the Rebel Girls community. Tune in to experience an inspiring spectrum of female excellence."

  6. And Nothing Less
    "Throughout the fight for women’s right to vote, generations of diverse activists demanded full access to the ballot box. Hosts Rosario Dawson and Retta guide us through this seven-part series from the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission and PRX, bringing us the stories we didn’t learn in our history books. "And Nothing Less" is the NPS's official podcast commemorating 100 years of the 19th Amendment and women's constitutional right to vote."

  7. Hacking Autism
    Kelsey Terry is a fellow spectrum dweller that believes Asperger's Syndrome is her secret sauce for success in life. She discusses what it means to leverage autism as an unfair advantage.

  8. Turn Autism Around
    Topics include the early signs of autism, stimming and scripting, handling self-injurious behavior and aggression, and the medical, financial, and political aspects of autism.

  9. Spectrum Autism Research
    Discussions about autism research. Recent episode topics include gene mutation, oxytocin research, and disparities in diagnosis across cultures and communities.


DEI Mission 

The Mercer Island PTA Council Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee is comprised of parent and student volunteers committed to dismantling institutional racism and other structural inequities in the district and fostering respect and acceptance of all families so that every student can reach their full potential.

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